Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Constructing Quality Questions for Discussions

"Interaction and Collaboration Online"

Learners who collaborate often have higher levels of scholastic achievement.  Collaborative interaction is the heart and soul of an online course (Draves, 2002).  Some may disagree that being an active participant in online collaborations makes for a more successful student.  
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Concentrate on Chapter 13 of the resource provided below.   You may also use the additional resource provided to gain further insight into online collaboration between students, instructors and peers.
Based on the resources that have been provided to you below and any additional resources you may find helpful, reflect on the interaction and collaboration in an online environment and the benefits and limitations for students.

  •  Based on the information you have read this week, are there instances where learners may feel that online collaboration is not beneficial to them? 
  • Reflecting on your personal experiences, have you had positive interactions with online collaboration?  Give specific information on your experience without revealing the names of persons involved.

By Wednesday:
Post your thoughts and ideas regarding interaction and online collaboration from the learner’s perspective.  Give reasons why you think collaboration may or may not contribute to a learners participation level, self-esteem and thinking skills.  You must cite information from the resources provided and any additional resources you have found.  Please use APA Citation formatting when citing your sources.

By Sunday:
Read at least two selections of your classmates’ postings.  Provide insight into their postings and any advice you would give them to encourage their continued use of online interaction and collaboration.

As you respond to your classmates you should offer any of the following in your replies:
·   Similarities in your posting and their posting
·   Differences in your posting and their posting
·   Ask for clarity of information that is not clear to you in their posting
·   Give a personal experience you can relate to their posting
·   Ask any other questions that will encourage more collaboration on the topic

Resource for this Discussion:  Oosterhof, A., Conrad, R.M., & Ely, D.P. (2008).  Assessing learners online.  Upper Saddle River, NJ:  Pearson.  (Concentrate on Chapter 13)

Additional Resource:  Laureate Education, Inc. (Producer). (n.d.).  Performance assessments in online environments.  [DVD]
To allow for productive collaboration and appropriate time for your classmates to respond to your posting, please post your initial responses by Wednesday of Week 8 and respond to your classmates by Sunday of week 8.  Collaboration should be occurring throughout the week as often as possible.

Rubric for this discussion can be downloaded by clicking here.

If you are unable to be directed to the link above, please see the Rubric below.

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